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are we doing it?

We believe that Mexico's footwear industry has unique competitive advantages to compete in the global market.


We want to support Mexican footwear industry to become more competitive through fostering colaborations leading to more efficient and innovative processes.


We believe that the future of Mexico's footwear industry lays on our capacity to adapt to a changing global economy.

do we do it?

Ground Support

We support the collaboration between international brands and Mexico's footwear supply chain. We take to clients role ensuring deadlines and quality, at the same time we support the factories solving day-to-day operational issues.

Systems & tools

We develop systems and tools that support the footwear production programs in Mexico. Our systems help us to get fair prices, proper production planning, and on-time deliveries.

Sharing Knowledge

Gathering and sharing footwear manufacturing best practices that will help the supply chain to become more efficient, innovative and sustainable. We promote collaboration as a way to collectibly get significant more benefits than the addition of the benefits acquired by individual efforts.

do we do?

Our day to day

Project Management

Even though every brand is different, our process allows our team to follow the business process from the initial agreements, product development, pricing, production, and logistics.


Our tools have been developed specially to follow up with the needs of each brand.

Knowledge hub

In collaboration with our network, we are gathering information to support training, problem-solving and provide insight into how the footwear supply chain works.

The proccess

Our process is divided in different steps, each step has been tested and improved over the years. Our project managers adapt the processes to the different project needs.

Our tools

The way we work

It is a set of processes, SOPs, and forms that help us reduce future troubles and reduce unnecessary work. Additionally, allow us to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are met, therefore helping us to develop long-term business relationships.

Order Management System

Our online platform allows our team to collaborate with the manufacturing team to follow the production process, providing transparency to the final customer.


Our costing tools allow us a transparent costing procedure, ensuring the best price possible while meeting the business needs of the T1 partners.

Knowledge Hub

By working together, businesses strive for a collective benefit greater than the sum of individual benefits that could be achieved by acting alone.

Marian R. Chertow (2000)

  Lets work together  

We are always looking for bright new minds to join our team, if you love new challenges send us an email ( Tell us about you, your goals and how can we reach those goals together. Don't forget to add your CV and contact information.

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